Saturday, November 26, 2016


"Give thanks to the Lord,
for He is good,
His lovingkindness is everlasting."

Okay, this last phrase, "His lovingkindness is everlasting," is repeated twenty-six times in the Psalm.  Can you repeat this twenty-six times as you go through your day?  This was like an echo the people of God were to sing back to the priests as they went on with each verse of the Psalm.

The King James Version says, "for His mercy endureth forever."  Adam Clarke says, "for His tender mercy is for the coming age: meaning, probably, that peculiar display of His compassion, the redemption of the world by the Lord Jesus." 

Matthew Henry wrote, "This most excellent sentence that God's mercy endureth fore ever, is magnified above all the truths concerning God...We must praise God, 1.  As great and good in Himself, verses 1-3. II. As the Creator of the world, verses 5-9.  III.  As Israel's God and Saviour, verses 10-22.  As our Redeemer, verses 23-24.  As the great benefactor of the whole creation, and God over all, blessed for evermore, verses 25 & 26.

It is no accident that the Psalm begins with the truth, "for He is good."  It is not just that God does good, but that He is good.  Thus our continual attitude should be of gratitude and thanksgiving, not just on turkey day, but everyday.  There is no expiration date on it.  It will take us from now to eternity to try and wear out His lovingkindness.  It will endure beyond creation, beyond anything man does, and will take us into infinity and beyond!  Why?  Because God is good like that.  His goodness exceeds our badness.  Aren't you glad?  So we give thanks for a merciful, tenderhearted God who is good. 

God shows His tenderheartedness in the form of a baby.

This is the attitude going into Advent.  Thanksgiving turned into thanks-living, an attitude of gratitude to make room in our hearts to receive Him in.  If I was more energetic, I'd be dragging my Christmas decorations out like I used to every weekend after Thanksgiving.  But since our combined family Thanksgiving is on Friday this year due to  my son-in-law, a firefighter who was on duty on Thanksgiving day, we will be sitting down to another feast.  From host to guest, the celebration continues.  We had a crazy combo of family at our house for the traditional turkey dinner on Thursday, but the thanksgiving continues, as it should, beyond feast and family into a celebration of the birth of our Savior.   

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