Sunday, December 25, 2016

DEC. 25

From our family to yours!


"'Behold the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a Son,
and they shall call His name Immanuel,' which translated means, 'God with us.'"
(Matthew 1:23)

There's something so special about celebrating Christmas on the pure bosom of newly fallen snow.

"O Little Town of Bethlehem
How still we see thee lie."

This is the song I would always sing as we entered the place where many of our happiest  Christmas memories took place... 

with a scene similar to this.

We would usually descend when lights twinkled in the snow at dusk, the time we usually arrived to spend Christmas with family in Lake City, Colorado. 

It was always a little tricky to travel in winter.  Once we drove high centering on snow, once stopping unexpectedly to try and find lodging due to a snow storm that left cars off the road everywhere in Salt Lake City. Once ice formed on the inside of windows with our car heaters going full blast, and I had to rub little feet so they wouldn't freeze sitting in their car seats. 

Fortunately this wasn't on our route, however once my parents lost their brakes coming down this mountain.  It wasn't their time yet as they were able to stop in a place for runaway trucks.

Once we were stopped behind snowplows in a white-out blizzard and were told no one goes any further as all travelers had to seek unplanned lodging in the little town of Eureka, Nevada. 

Once while driving in a caravan of cars, our son hit ice and went down the mountain taking out a grove of aspens and landing against a huge boulder upside down, but miraculously they all walked away without injury though their Land Cruiser was totaled. Then we took a few trips on the train. 

We stayed with my parents in their beautiful home literally over the river and through the woods, or in my brother's log cabins in his Texan Resort, and later in their beautiful home. 

This is what they looked like.

Meals were gourmet if my sister-in-law was cooking; and if my dad was, sometimes we ate elk or bear.  Meal times were always special gatherings.

We once were snowbound when all roads out were closed.  Fortunately, no one had to leave town. 

I loved the smell of snow, the crunch as we walked as most places were within walking distance in town. 

This reminds me of a friendly farm cat who left the smell of the barn after being held.

We enjoyed walking the kids just down the road to visit the animals.

One time was sat in my parent's hot tub as the snow fell watching elk in the snow across the river.

My brother fed the elk to sustain them through the winter and most trips included drives to see big herds. 

We've been on trips over passes where the snow was piled up nearly twenty feet high. 

Once my brother's job was to plow those roads.

The children learned to ice skate on the frozen river there. 

The community would leave ice skates of all sizes in a box for any comers to wear. 

This is close to what the Lake City Baptist Church looks like.

We went to small churches with long histories. 

We shopped in the same favorite gift shop that I had as a child with little changes made to it. 

My sister's shop was the blue building and the gift shop, next door.

The town is a historic district with beautiful homes and cabins.

And in the old theater, a drunk Santa in the community Christmas gathering tried to get my little Robin to dance with him, but she was a show stopper and refused. 

Funny thing, I don't remember any gifts that were under the tree, only wonderful times with family as we celebrated the birth of our Savior. 
Sometimes it seemed that those times would never end, but alas, no family remains residing there after thirty plus years, (not counting my whole lifetime of vacations there which all add up to make me a resident two years there!) 

My parent's home.
Heaven must be beautiful if it is prettier than this!
Imagine this with the waterfall and river frozen and snow everywhere.
Some of the grandchildren were able to enjoy it there, but not all.

My parents are in an even more beautiful place now, heaven, while my brother and family now live in Colorado Springs.  Memories are wonderful things.  I have the photographs in albums, but not digitalized so I share these others to give you a hint.  Merry Christmas and make memories.

Oh, I want to stretch out Christmas just a little bit longer.
I'm not ready for it to be over, but...

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