Tuesday, January 24, 2017


"He has spoken to us
in His Son."
(Hebrews 1:2-3)

"What was from the beginning,
what we have heard..."
(I John 1:1)

Imagine being the young disciple John,
the one whom He loved,
the one who would lean up against Him.
Imagine hearing His voice,
the very voice of our Savior,
the tenor of it, his inflections,
which we won't hear until heaven.
Yet we can hear Him
through the Holy Spirit
in His Word.
It is the whisper,
the quickening in our soul.
when He speaks to our heart.
Jesus is the last word,
the one which resonates
in our hearts.

Adam Clarke says, "God spake unto the faithful under the Old Testament by Moses and the prophets, worthy servants, yet servants; now the Son is much better than a servant."   

Andrew Murray said simply, "Man was created for God.  Sin separated from God.  Man feels his need, and seeks God...'God hath spoken!'  Speaking is the vehicle of fellowship...The silence has been broken.  God calls man back to fellowship with Himself...When man speaks, it is the revelation of himself, to make known the otherwise hidden thoughts and dispositions of his heart."

He goes on, "Men's words appeal to the mind or the will, the feelings or the passions.  God speaks to that which is deeper than all, to the heart, that central depth within us whence are the issues of life...God is a Spirit.  As such He has no other way of communicating to us His life or His love, but by entering our spirit and dwelling and working there...Jesus came from the fiery furnace of God's holiness, from the burning glory of everlasting love.  He Himself is the living Word."

Finally He says, "During Christ's life the word of God was thrice heard.  Each time it was: 'This is my beloved Son: hear Him.'  'I have glorified Him.'" 

God is a proud Father.  He loves His Son.  He wants you to love His Son.  Be like God.  Love His Son.  That is what is meant when it is said, "God has spoken to us in His Son"

Or you can be like this.

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