Monday, January 2, 2017


verses 17-19

"The Lord is righteous in all His ways
And kind in all His deeds.
The Lord is near to all who call upon Him
To all who call upon Him in truth.
He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him;
He will also hear their cry and will save them."

"Whatever God is or does must be right.
In the salvation of His people He is righteous and holy
as in any other of His ways and works:
He has not manifested mercy at the expense of justice,
but rather He has magnified His Righteousness by the death of His Son."

We don't want to serve a God who is not right,
who is not righteous in every which way or
there is no justice.

Right now I'm holding everything up to look through the lens of my relative's murder.  She was assaulted, strangled and murdered on Christmas day in Washington D.C.  Her friends and family want justice so no one else has to go through what they are going through.  Because the perpetrator has a long rap sheet and had just been released from jail, it wasn't right.  One judge wanted him further detained for previous crimes while another judge released him in three days.  That is when he committed first degree murder, theft and assault on store clerks while still having her body in her stolen car, all because of a judge who made an egregious error in judgment.  I'm thankful we have a perfect judge in heaven who is righteous, right in all His ways. 

One of my nieces died while riding her bike in a hit and run accident a year or so ago.  The man who hit her was drunk and on drugs.  My sister-in-law wrote him a letter in jail forgiving him for killing her daughter.  What greater kindness is that?  She has the heart of her Father in heaven who desires that all would be saved and is "kind in all His deeds."  Years ago, this same woman wrote Donald Trump a letter explaining his need for salvation and the way to be saved.  That was long before he ran for president.  Who knows if he actually read it, but the prayer was there in the envelope for his salvation.  Hmm. 

Sometimes we want to jerk the crown back.
It doesn't work that way.  God is still on the throne.

"Though all acknowledge God to be just, most men are no sooner overtaken by affliction than they quarrel with His severity.  Unless their wishes are immediately complied with, they are impatient, and nothing is more common than to hear His justice impeached...We are told of the Emperor Mauricius in a memorable passage of history, that seeing his sons murdered by the wicked perfidious traitor Phocos, and being about to be carried out himself to death, he cried out,
"Thou art righteous, O God, and just are Thy judgments."  (John Calvin)

"He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him;
and He will also hear their cry and save them."

"God will not suffer His people to lose their precious treasure of their prayers.  The God who prepares His people's hearts to pray, prepares also His own ear to hear, and He promises to hear before we call, will never deny to hearken when we cry out to Him.  As Calvin said: 'Oppressions and afflictions make man cry, and cries and supplications make God hear.'" (F.E. The Saint's Ebenezer, 1667)

They say there is more Christian persecution than ever before in history.  There is a "holy" war  declared against us by radical Muslims with cells in 37 countries, just as during the Crusades when theMuslims took over the Holy Land and nearly had taken over all of Europe, Spain and Italy.  There's Russia, China, North Korea who all oppress Christians, not to mention the Middle East.  We do live in perilous times when God's people cry out to Him.  Sometimes, His answer is to allow them to be taken out of this world and welcomed into the next where no evil exists.  Nevertheless, it is a tremendous comfort to know He hears us, when we pray, even when we cry out with groanings too deep for words.   Even when it looks like evil prevails, He has the last word because He holds eternity.  This is not all there is.

"Fulfill the desire..."

"They shall have their way for they have His way in their hearts.  A holy heart only desires what a holy God can give, and so its desire is filled full of the fullness of the Lord.  He also will hear their cry, and will save them.  Divinely practical shall His nearness be, for He will work out their deliverance.  He will listen to their piteous cry, and then will send salvation from every ill.  This He will do personally;  He will not trust them to angels or saints." ("Treasury of David")

So putting two and two together, if His answer to His saints is that their time on earth is over added to this beautiful thought that God will do it personally, and not trust them to angels or saints, there are the words of Jesus in John 14:3, "If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself..."  He will receive us to Himself and meet us with arms wide open.

"What is the main desire of a seaman?  That he may arrive at the haven.  So saints will be brought to their desired haven."  (Andrew Fuller)

"This is comfort for all poor broken hearts
in whom God hath engendered the true desire of grace."
(William Fenner, 1560-1640)

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