Monday, January 9, 2017

verses 7-10

"Praise the Lord from the earth,
Sea monsters and all deeps;
Fire and hail, snow and clouds;
Stormy wind fulfilling His word;
Mountains and all hills;
Fruit trees and all cedars,
Beasts and all cattle;
Creeping things and winged fowl..."

"Praise the Lord from the earth,
ye dragons and all deeps."

The earlier verses in this Psalm were mostly describing the things above,
"ye holy creatures from the armies of supreme angels."
(Adam Clarke, the Chaldee translation.)

But now here below, all of creation praises the Lord, scary things like sea monsters, dragons, stormy wind, and less scary things like mountains, hills, trees, and more tame beasties.   As we've said before, the Bible speaks of mystical creatures as if they were part of creation, and I believe they were: unicorns, dragons and sea monsters.  There are historical articles and art that depict these creatures.  They are mentioned in several books of the Bible as I've delved into in the past.  But the purpose of this Psalm of praise is to show that if everything, "All nature sing and round me rings, the music of the spheres," we might as well join in too. How can we keep from it?  The God who hand feeds the sea monster, with the hand that flings the snow and hail and stormy wind and fuels the flames of fire, this very hand holds us.

"Let the dragons or whales, that sport themselves in the mighty waters,
dance before the Lord, to His glory."
(Matthew Henry)

Speaking of unicorns and sea monsters, have you ever heard of the narwhal?  It is a type of whale which grows up to 13 feet with a twisted tusk that grows anywhere between 5 feet and 10 feet.  It still exists in the Artic around Greenland and in the northern Russian seas.  The Inuit have lived off them for sustenance for as long as they've been Inuits.  Some creatures I think appeared when God had a good belly laugh, and this is one.  He said it was good.  Even Adam Clarke had a fascination with them and had one mounted in his collection of curiosities. 

"And all deeps"  "Whatever is contained in the sea; whirlpools, eddies, ground tides, with the astonishing flux and reflux of the ocean...shews forth the perfection of its Creator."  Scientists still today are constantly discovering previously unknown species in "the deeps."  That's how varied and even hidden from the eye of man which still proclaim how great God is. 

"There are fiery meteors; lightning is fire.  There are watery meteors, hail, and snow, and the vapours of which they are gendered.  There are stormy winds, be they ever so strong, so stormy, they fulfil God's word; and by this Christ showed Himself to have a divine power, that 'He commanded and even the winds an the seas, and they obeyed Him.'  (Matthew Henry)  The tempest or the tornado...each accomplishing an especial purpose, and fulfilling a particular will of the Most High. (Adam Clarke)

"Mountains and hills" "Rocks, hills and plains, repeat the sounding joy!" goes the Christmas carol.  The wind through the leaves, the needles the grasses joins in as the wind instruments.

"From the beasts that run wild, and all cattle that are tame...even the creeping things have not sunk so low, nor do the flying fowl soar so high a not to be called upon to praise God." (Matthew Henry) "The royal tiger, to the the fowls that swim the air...strike the observer of nature with astonishment and delight." (Adam Clarke)

All in all, God is leading the orchestra of all creation is His praise.  It was all His delight in the making, and it sings back His praise as He waves His baton.  The choir will join in next, but that's for next time. 

Enjoy the stormy weather knowing it is singing His praise.
It is His symphony.

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