Friday, March 31, 2017

HEBREWS 10:11-18

"Every priest stands daily ministering
and offering time after time the same sacrifices,
which can never take away sins;
but He, having offered one sacrifice for sins for all time,
sat down at the right hand of God,
waiting from that time onward until
His enemies be made a footstool for His feet.
For by one offering He has perfected
for all time those who are sanctified.
And the Holy Spirit also testifies to us;
for after saying,
'This is the covenant that I will make with them
After those day, says the Lord:
I will put My laws upon their heart,
And on their mind I will write them,'
He then says,
'And their lawless deeds
I will remember no more.'
Now where there is forgiveness of these things,
there is no longer any offering for sin."

Boy, Howdy!
There's a new Sheriff in town.
While the priests were busy carrying on like always,
He had a showdown in the street
with that low-down dirty snake
and once and for all.
He sure'nough got Himself wounded unto death in the process,
once in each hand, and in His feet and once in His side,
but He rid them of the one who had kept them under his thumb
and showed them who was Boss.
Purty soon, their lawless deeds will clean be forgotten. 
He's jest sitting down spinning His spurs
'cause He done branded the town folks'
 minds and their hearts.
sizzling, burning their sin clean away.

Please excuse my drawl. 
Now back to a more serious look by Adam Clarke...

"The continual offering argued the imperfection of the sacrifices.
Our Lord's once offering, proves complete."

"Till His enemies be made His footstool."

"Till all that oppose His high priesthood and sacrificial offering shall be defeated, routed, and confounded; and acknowledge, in their punishment, the supremacy of His power as universal and eternal King, who refused to receive Him as their atoning and sanctifying Priest."

"'Them that are sanctified."

Them that have received the sprinkling of the blood of this offering. 
These, therefore, receiving redemption through that blood,
have no need of any other offering;
as this was a complete atonement,
purification and title to eternal glory."

"The Holy Ghost--is a witness to us."

"The words are quoted from Jeremiah 31:33,24,
and here we assured that Jeremiah spoke by the inspiration of the Spirit of God."

"Now where remission of these is"
"In any case, where sin is once pardoned, there is no farther need of a sin-offering;
but every believer on Christ has his sin blotted out,
and therefore needs no other offering for that sin."

Andrew Murray says, "'Sanctified.'  That looks back to the great purpose of Christ's coming (my underlining)...Sanctified is cleansed from sin...'He hath perfected them that are sanctified.'  It not only says that He has finished and completed for them all they need...speaks of our sanctification as an accomplished fact (Hebrews 10:10): we are saints, holy in Christ, in virtue of our real union with Him, and His holy life planted in the centre of our being.  There is a process by which our new life in Christ has to master and to perfect holiness through our whole outer being.  But the progressive sanctification has its rest and its assurance in the ONCE and FOR EVER of Christ's work.  He hath perfected for ever them that are being sanctified."

Okay, here Andrew Murray sums it up...

1. The one central truth to which the Holy Spirit testifies is this: that the old way of living and serving God is now completely and for ever come to an end.  Death and the devil are brought to nought; the veil is rent; sin is put away; the old covenant is disannulled, vanished away, taken away.  A new system, a new a way, a new and eternal life ha been opened up in the power of Christ Jesus.  Oh to have our eyes and hearts opened to see that is not merely a thought, a truth for the mind, but a spiritual state of existence which the Holy Ghost can bring to us.

2.  The Holy Ghost beareth witness.  For this He came down on the day of Pentecost out of the heavenly sanctuary and from our exalted Priest-King, to bring down the heavenly life, the kingdom of heaven to the disciples, and make it real to them, as a thing found and felt in their hearts.  Each one of us needs and may claim the Holy Spirit in the same Pentecostal power, and the new, the eternal, the heavenly life will fill us too."

Umm, have you had the Law branded on your heart and mind or are you just going to church over and over trying to get it right with guilt every day betwixt Sundays?  Surrender to His love and let Him write it there so you can rest.  He promised.  He accomplished it.  He offers it.  Just ask.

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