Tuesday, April 4, 2017


"And let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds..."

"And let us consider one another"

"Let us diligently and attentively consider each other's trials, difficulties, and weaknesses;
feel for each other, and excite each other to an increase of love to God and man; and, as the proof of it, to be fruitful in good works.  The words, 'to the provocation,' are often taken in a good sense, and signify excitement, stirring up, to do any thing laudable, useful, honourable, or necessary."
(Adam Clarke)

How do we stimulate each other?

Nothing is as compelling as love.

How would a suitor stir up the 'suitee'?

It would take more than a box of chocolates and flowers and flowery speeches,
as nice as those are.
Rather, love is the great motivator
to spur one another to love
and the good deeds are the caboose.

How do we get our children to do anything?
I know, I know, spare the rod, spoil the child.
But if love is not in the attempt to motivate them
to do good deeds--like taking out the trash--
resentment would simmer and bitterness would take hold then
we as parents would be considered to be hard task masters indeed!
Did that just happen at your house recently?
Yeah, mine too.

"...but through love serve one another."
(Galatians 5:13)

Andrew Murray says, "The Church has been redeemed by Christ, to prove to the world what power He has to cleanse from sin, to conquer evil, to restore to holiness and to goodness. Let us consider one another, in every possible way, to provoke, to stir up, to help to love and good works."

"Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth."
I John 3:18)

Excuse me while I climb up on my soapbox
(Now soap boxes are made of flimsy cardboard, so I wouldn't advise climbing up on one of those.)

Do you, like me, get a little tired sometimes of being accused of not having compassion because we have not jumped on board the liberal mindset of saving the world?  

Okay, I'll pat myself on the back if you force me to because we adopted children out of horrible home situations and were foster parents of others.  Has it been easy?  No.  Do we love all our children?  Yes.  To mess with my children is to poke a stick at this mama bear: beware!  However, that does not mean that I think everybody should do as we did and adopt children, that they are bad people if they don't.  That would be silly! 

Though I hold our military men and women in highest regard--some of whom have performed the ultimate good deed, laying down their lives for others--do I think that all should all be pressured to join the military in order to serve our great country?  No.  Should women be drafted? Not my granddaughters! Frankly, Uncle Sam wouldn't have wanted me anyway as I am puny and could never have make a good soldier.  Do I highly regard those who feel called to serve?  Yes, sir!  Do I love my country less than these?  I hope not.

So why do liberals want to put the guilt trip on us for not embracing every immigrant without discriminating who is for us and who is against us.  That is insane.  How many of those bleeding hearts have opened their homes?  Maybe those who have joined in the "Resist" movement would be better off putting their efforts and money into the support of those coming into our country.  How many of them have actually made a difference in a significant way to the support of these immigrants?  (And I don't mean holding up posters or holding rallies).  Not many, I would guess.  Should I be shamed into it.  No.  Am I less of a Christian, have less compassion than others? I don't think so.

Do you get the picture?  Stimulating each other to love and good deeds doesn't mean we are all to be cut from the same cloth, squeezed into the same mold, cut with the same cookie cutter.  Do you feel called to adopt? Yeah!  Do you feel called for love of God and country to join the military?  Hurrah!  Do you feel called to support an immigrant family?  Good for you!  Just don't put a guilt trip on me, and I will try to not put guilt on you.

Okay, I'll climb down off my soap box now.
(At my age, climbing  off one of those things, means I could get hurt!)

Should all be Sunday School teachers, nursery workers, choir members, or youth leaders?  Heavens no!  That would be a disaster.  But we are all called to spur each other to love, then to do good deeds which follow that love.

"Now there are a variety of gifts, but the same Spirit. 
And there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord."
(I Corinthians 12:4-5)

But there is one thing we all should have in common...

"Beloved, let us love one another,
for love is from God;
and everyone who loves is born of God
and knows God.
he one who does not love does not know God,
for God is love...
In this is love, not that we loved God,
but that He loved us and sent His Son
to be the propitiation for our sins.
Beloved, if God so loved us,
we also ought to love one another."
(I John 4:7-11)

Does that spur you on?  Yeah, me too!

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