Sunday, May 21, 2017


"...let us lay aside every encumbrance
and the sin which so easily entangles us..."

Okay, I'm keeping this short because I am writing this in anger--so far righteous anger, I hope.  I'm not even going to try to pretty it up like I have always done on my blogpost with Pinterest pictures. Wait, my niece just posted this and it is an appropriate picture for what I have to say.  Just letting you know I got a new perspective today of "the sin which so easily entangles us." 

Please excuse me for a moment while I hate sin.

We all know when God calls us on the carpet with conviction for entangling sins, how that feels.  But today I realized that sometimes it's the ugly sins of this sin-sick world, the kind when other's sin oozes out and tries to entangle us in its muck, the kind that comes in uninvited whether or not we have entertained it in our thoughts or gave in to its temptation to sin.  It just comes. It reeks.  You see, there is no sin which is a private sin.  It always affects someone else in the long run.

My son's long time "friend" and entourage came to the door-- rather came banging down my door this weekend demanding his "property" back. He banged the door so hard, things fell down off my porch.  My son answered the door and fearfully said, "What are you going to do?  Beat me with a bat?" as  one of them held a bat in an intimidating manner.  He promptly locked them out.  They kept beating my door in a matter that has never happened to us before.  My husband walked up from outside where he had been exercising the dog having missed it all and demanded my son unlock the door.  The young man and his groupies came strutting in as he yelled, demanding his property back.  His property happened to be a profile on an X-box game.  I have no way of knowing if my son was truthful or not saying he had not used his "friend's" profile "property" or not.  They could find no evidence he had done so.   So they left in a snit, in a huff.  I followed them out demanding an apology.  By the third time I said it, he tried to shrug me off again, so I used the old trick, "I'll tell your mother then."  He finally huffed, came back and stared my son down and took his time saying, "I'll be the bigger man and apologize."  It hurt like the 'et tu, Brute,' wounds of a "friend."

However when I went inside, my son showed me an earlier email this young man had sent.  It was vile.  It was beyond filthy, and I was included in his degrading message leaving me to feel extremely violated, assaulted by it.  Sin's entangling--whether invited into my home or not,--had burst in our door and onto our email.  This is the kind of world we live in.  Sin comes in our homes successfully entangling us whether we want it to or not, fouling the very air we breathe. 

The kid was upset over a video game, for crying out loud!  I was upset by his brazenness and base actions.  I'm still reeling feeling attacked.  It was so bad, I had no choice but to invite his good Christian parents down knowing they needed to see it and deal with their son.  Sin can't always be swept under the rug.  What are young people thinking leaving a trail of evidence online as if no one else can see it?

So that's my rant trying to run this race set before us jogging along as if I had packs full of abc bubble gum on my shoe, you know, the thing someone spits out on the ground and you step in it.  I'll leave the more obvious entangling sins between you and God.  I'll have to tow the line myself between righteous indignation and the burning anger that smolders in my heart threatening to entangle me.  I just thought I'd share this new perspective I got on this verse today.  I hope it hasn't stunk up your thoughts too badly.  I'm, however, still shuddering from the stain of sin that crept in, into the very heart of our home.  Beware of that kind of entangling sin even when it bangs down your door or silently slithers onto your electronic screen.

Lay it aside and run the race, for goodness sake!
Those who do not run to win it, lose it.

Oh, and by the way, the alternative is not so good. 
If you live like the devil, you'll get to live with the devil
in the not so sweet bye and bye.

While we're talking about evil, the newest Teen Challenge employee at my husband's place of work got bit by a rattlesnake the first day on the job right there at their campus this weekend.  Pray for him, but remember, the snake from the Garden is still slithering, trying to wrap itself around our ankles to entangle us with fangs a-dripping with poison.

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