Tuesday, May 23, 2017


"fixing our eyes on Jesus"

"'Let us run'--there we have intense exertion,
claiming body and soul;
'Looking to Jesus'--
there we have the inner life of the spirit,
a heart always fixed on Jesus
in faith and worship,
drawing inspiration and strength
from His example and His love."
(Andrew Murray)

"'Looking unto Jesus'
Looking off or from the world and all secular concerns
to Jesus and all the spiritual and heavenly things connected with him.
This is still an allusion to the Grecian games:
those who ran were to keep their eyes fixed on the mark of prize;
they must keep the goal in view.
1.  That they should place all their hope and confidence in Christ,
as their sole helper in this race of faith.
2.  That they should consider him their leader in this contest
and imitate his example."
(Adam Clarke)

"'Looking'  From all things, to Jesus--
As the wounded Israelites to the brazen serpent.
Our crucified Lord
was prefigured by the lifting up of this:
our guilt by the stings of the fiery serpents:
and our faith, by their looking up
to the miraculous remedy."
(John Wesley)

May I add to these great men on this passage?  I get the picture of the wagon horse with blinders on to keep them from being spooked or distracted by anything--but there is something far more beautiful to see straight ahead.  What makes it possible to look to Jesus?  The veil has been torn away.  We are thus able to keep Him in view at all times.  It is not just a prize to run to, but the Lover of our Soul! 

I was very uncomfortable during our wedding.  Back in my shy days--yes, that used to be me--it wasn't something enjoyable to me to be the center of attention, not even at my bridal showers or even at my own wedding.   It was almost a thing to be endured.   However, my favorite memory is the long moments as we faced each other during the exchange of vows to look into each other's eyes, no veil between us.  Yes.  That's the kind of fixing our eyes on Him. 

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