Wednesday, July 5, 2017


"Now the God of peace,
who brought up from the dead
the great Shepherd of the sheep
through the blood of the eternal covenant,
even Jesus Christ our Lord."

In a most inexplicable divine solution to the great chasm that separates us here below from the great Beyond, God made peace.  But the peace was not free.  It cost the blood of His only Son.  But  this reconciliation was provided in the peace that grants us entrance into His kingdom!  So, we can lay down our burdens, and quit fighting God.  Peace.  A God who can bring One up from the dead, is powerful stuff.  The sheep without a shepherd are lost.  Sheep are not the smartest creatures on the planet, but that's who the Bible compares us to.  But God brought our great Shepherd back to life.

Can you imagine how lost the disciples felt without their Leader?  Can you imagine how lost those in the Upper Room felt?  But God not only resurrected the great Shepherd of the sheep, He sent His Holy Spirit to be a helper, a comforter, and One to bring remembrance of His words.  This is a eternal covenant, without an expiration date, that leads us onward into eternity, where we will meet our Lord face to face.  Yeah, that kind of eternal covenant.

Sometimes we forget as we rub shoulders with the world, that this eternal covenant is for all.  The great Shepherd of the sheep did not want any to perish.  He is all about resurrecting deadness of sin into new life.  Sunday we had a great testimony of one who was resurrected.

Bryan, unwanted at birth, was adopted, but looked everywhere to find family his whole life until drugs became his brother.  Growing up just a block from our church, his first kiss was by our very walls.   He was a Marysville kid.  However, three marriages and children left behind, dishonorably discharged because he was found  with drugs just a month before his four year tour was ended later, he became homeless for twenty-five years in our river bottoms.  God sent a dog to be his companion, one who God used to convict him of his sin, his drug use.  Then the flood happened this year and his home he had carved out for himself in the bushes in "the jungle" was washed away.  Whatever was not lost then was bulldozed because it was such a rat infested dark place of drug use and crime.  Bryan went to the mission.  There he met Christ.  Bryon recently has become a shining member in our worship team at church.  After giving his testimony in church, he sang a song he had written. 

Our Great Shepherd went after a lost lamb and found him.  Because God resurrected our Great Shepherd, it is possible for us to be resurrected from the deadness of sin.  He found a gift, a talent, to be used for His glory.  But when Bryan's guitar string broke and he didn't have money to replace it, my son brought his Christmas present guitar to church to be played by Bryan in worship.  The gift keeps giving.

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