Saturday, July 8, 2017


"But I urge you brethren,
bear with (listen to) this word of exhortation,
for I have written to you briefly."

 You Brethren...

He counted them as one of his people, his tribe.  They may have been part of the Diaspora, a displaced people.  The writer may be Paul in prison.  But whoever it was knew they were all in this facing persecution together.  It meant that they needed this exhortation like a shot in the arm.  Have you found these Scripture to come alive to strengthen you in your being?

The writer to this epistle thinks he wrote briefly.  Ha!  I know that every time I write my puny blog, I strive to keep it short.  Ha!  But he had a lot more good stuff to say, because, you know, it was God-breathed Scripture.  You can't get enough of that!  I will admit that this "brief" word of exhortation in the book of Hebrews was very difficult for me to go through, as beautiful as it was.  However, it has become almost shiver-worthy when it is in my heart and in my mind as I hear sermons or other Scripture spoken, which show how apropos and rich it is.  It is as Andrew Murray describes as "breathing the law of God and the Spirit of heaven into your heart, as your very life!"

One verse kept ringing in my head this morning.  It was from II Corinthians 1:20...

"For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes;
therefore also through Him is our Amen to the glory of God through us."
Yes and amen in Him.  That should be our response to hearing God's word.
That is what happens to a totally surrendered heart. 
It does not chaff or question or struggle against
God's exhortations to us through Scripture.
First of all we need to believe the Bible,
that all God's Word is true.
(II Samuel 7:28)
"Your word is truth."
(John 17:17)
So listen up!

The dictionary definition of exhortation is,

"to urge, advise, or warn earnestly."

"The word he used means both admonition or reproof and encouragement."
(Andrew Murray)

"Suffer the word of exhortation"

Jesus used to often say, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."  It obviously was a favorite phrase as found in Matthew 11:15; Mark 13:9, 38; Mark 4, 9,23, 7:16; Luke 8:8, 14;35 repeatedly.

Take heed!
"bear with this exhortation"
It is interesting that this earnest plea is at the end rather than at the beginning.  Probably because it is in an epistle, a letter which could be read repeatedly.  This is true of all Scripture.  It is all meant to be read over and over again because there is always something new found therein.  Of course!  All Scripture is God-breathed, which means that God is having a constant conversation with His readers.  So, do not close your ears as Scripture warns! 

Andrew Murray writes, "its tone has been one of faithful reproof, with a view to convict of sin, to awaken to a sense of danger, to urge to repentance.  At the same time, everything has been done to quicken faith and hope, and to urge to steadfastness by pointing to the strong encouragement to be found in the word of God and the power of Christ."

So, heads up buttercup!  Drop your socks and listen up!

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